ÖFB – Helfende Hände

Motion Graphics
Audio mix

Dagobert Spot

Dagobert Invest Spot



ÖFB – Wir lieben Fair Play

Motion Graphics
Audio mix


Raiffeisen FixFlex Bausparfinanzierung

Motion Graphics
Audio mix

Daniel Fellner and Christopher Seiler from AUT of ORDA perform at the Red Bull Show 100 in Vienna Austria on October 21, 2023 // Matthias Heschl / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202310220069 // Usage for editorial use only //

Red Bull Show 100

AUT of ORDA performed their first live show with only 100 hours to prepare. The artists were accompanied around the camp to be able to give fans an insight during the countdown. The event of the year was broadcast live on television and online and we were responsible for its production.

A-Trust MASTER.mov_20230807_154509.967

A-Trust Product Movie

For the agency crossconnect we implemented an animated product film for the provider of digital signature solutions.

Jesmond Image Video

Jesmond Image Video

On behalf of Aware, we produced a video for the Jesmond company, showcasing their latest insecticide products and the technology behind them.

Hertha - Showreel 2023 final.mp4_20230216_163052.087

hertha showreel 2023

Take a look at what we have done in 2022!

OPEC Safety Measures_MASTER.mp4_20230327_112109.632

OPEC Safety Measures

For the safety of visitors to the OPEC headquarters in Vienna, this short video was created.

OEFB Frauen BL Trailer 2022 16-9 Web.mp4_20230511_120952.709

Planet Pure Frauen Bundesliga 2022

Various packaging elements for TV broadcasts, online videos, etc. were created for the women’s soccer league in Austria in 2022.


Knorr 3 Minutes to Asia

Various videos for social media were produced for the advertising agency Since Today. The illustrations came from a Japanese manga artist.

Betting Solutions_Adaptionen Juni 2022 (00222)

Betting Solutions

Commercial for a sports betting app.

OEFB Imagevideo Kleinere Wettbewerbsformen_Master (00339)

ÖFB – Kleinere Wettbewerbsformen

Explainer for the Austrian Soccer Federation who introduces their new measurements to encourage young talents to become professional players.

Papimi - Image EN_FINAL (01015)


We produced a dynamic image video and an extensive explainer for Papimi, a device to help people with different type of health issues.

TM_weFILMgreen_FILM_CB (00574)

Terra Mater – weFILMgreen

In this animated explainer the documentary studio “Terra Mater” is sharing their insights to help filmmakers produce their projects environmental friendly.

ServusTV_Fussball_Vitesse (01245)

ServusTV – Fussball – Vitesse

Pre-roll for a Euro-League soccer game, that shines a light of the history of one club.

MyHive_NewCI (00167)


Commercial showing the transport connections of one their rentable workspaces in Vienna.

OeNB-Imagefilm_1021_PV (02596)


A string quartett is filling the famous halls of the Austrian National Bank in Vienna with classic music. The National Bank holds one of the largest collections of string instruments in the world.

IPU Erklärfilm_final (02754)


An explainer about the Inter Parliamentary Union of Austria and their duties.

Parlament_Begutachtungsverfahren_neueCI_02122021_UT (00794)

PARLAMENT: Begutachtungsverfahren

An explainer for the Austrian parliament, about the possibility to comment on a bill before it gets to a vote.

RBros systemfilm - Fan.at TVC_MASTER_Web (00031)


A TV-Commercial for Fan.at,. A website and app which focus around soccer in Austria.

Red Bull Symphonic_Key Visual_Quer_small

Red Bull Symphonic Seiler & Speer

We created several promotion assets up front and covered the whole 90 minute concert, did the editing and post-production.



A TV commercial was produced for the media agency IP Austria.



SMARTIE – Smart Resource Management IoT to support off-Earth manufacturing of lunar infrastructures. SMARTIE is an inclusive feasibility study analysing the requirements for future network infrastructures considering items such as data management and budget to exploit and optimize Moon Factories Management and available resources to assure high-grade self-sustainability.


Gesundheit im Betrieb

For the agency “MILESTONES IN COMMUNICATION” we produced an explanatory film for the Federal Ministry of Labor. It is about health at work.

Paul Pizzera and Otto Jaus perform at the Red Bull Jukebox in Sankt Margarethen, Austria on August 27, 2021

Red Bull Jukebox

Many different assets were created for the Red Bull Jukebox featuring Austrian artists Pizzera & Jaus. From various teasers, behind the scene material, videos for the LED walls to a 45 minute documentary, the event was presented to the fans. Photocredit: (c) Matthias Heschl / Red Bull Content Pool


Planet Pure Frauen Bundesliga 2021

Various packaging elements for TV broadcasts, online videos, etc. were created for the women’s soccer league in Austria in 2021.

OEFB Erklärvideo Lehrunterlagen.mp4_20230720_144858.170

ÖFB – Explanatory video about teaching materials

Explainer for the Austrian Soccer Federation on new teaching materials.

Universum Tiger Titel V07 Gesamt English.mov_20210609_160159.911

Universum “Russia´s Revenant”

“The Return of the Siberian Tiger“ For the production company Interspot Film in Vienna we created title animations, animated photo sequences and retouching. https://www.rtr.at/medien/presse/pressemitteilungen/presse_fernsehfonds/2021-fernsehfonds_presse/PI06012021_Sibirischer_Tiger.de.html

D0068 Carnivorous Marsupials_Master.mp4_20210304_151259.144

Terra Mater

For the nature documentary YouTube channel Terra Mater, we are responsible for the post-production of various videos on the subject of wildlife, nature preservation and more.

Free Trade Agreement of the EFTA States with Indonesia

Free Trade Agreement of the EFTA States with Indonesia

An explainer video on the free trade agreement with Indonesia was created for the Green Liberals in Switzerland.

SynBio4flav Flavoids Film MASTER.mp4_20210302_125958.240


For a scientific project focusing on flavoids, three films were produced. One of them can be seen here.

Tempozonen und ihre Auswirkung auf die Wiener Linien

Tempozonen und ihre Auswirkung auf die Wiener Linien

ERSTE AS Web Portal Master neu.mp4_20210302_170956.721

ERSTE Asset Servicing Web Portal

An explainer video on on a new web portal for financial services.


ÖFB TV Teaser

OEFB Frauen Bundesliga Trailer 16x9.mp4_20210302_144700.642

Planet Pure Frauen Bundesliga 2020

Various packaging elements for TV broadcasts, online videos, etc. were created for the women’s soccer league in Austria in 2020.


RCM Fondsfinder

For the Karafiat agency, we were responsible for the post-production of various films for the customer area of Raiffeisen banks.


Tasks of the austrian armed forces

We produced some short social media clips for the agency diego5. The clips have been merged into one video in this gallery.

EHF MASTER.mxf_20210303_143136.096

Home of Handball

A short film focusing on the new features of the EHF website.


Andros Gourmand & Vegetal

For the agency Since Today we implemented an animated online commercial.


Red Bull Symphonics

Drum & bass and classical music meet. We produced a documentary for Red Bull, directed by Michael Adlassnig, and individual live music videos about this unique collaboration.


Addendum: drug tests

We produced an explainer about drug tests for the online research platform Addendum.

ACREDIA Veto EN.mp4_20210302_165315.201

ACREDIA Credit Insurance

For the credit insurance company Acredia we produced explainers about their services.

hertha internal comms reel.mp4_20210226_163630.516

Internal communications reel

A short selection of different videos created for internal communication purposes.

Addendum hertha.mov_20210226_163433.813

Addendum: motion graphics for explainers

A large number of different explanatory graphics were produced for the online research platform Addendum.



We animated the logo of Batterie-leer.at.


Semantics 2020

An online commercial for the Semantics Conference.



For an online platform we produced several commercials for TV and Online.

Yakult 6 Flaschen Spot.mp4_20210226_160204.691

Yakult: 6 bottles

A commercial for Yakults new packaging.


Anker logo animation

Lawoon TVC

Lawoon TV commercial

We created a commercial for Lawoon, an online platform for order procurement.

Erklärvideos Junge Grünliberale Schweiz

Zersiedelungsinitiative NEIN

We produced two explanatory videos on the topic of urban sprawl for the youth organisation of the Swiss Green Liberal Party.

IP Addressable TV EN MASTER.mp4_20210609_140535.903

IP Austria Addressable TV

For the Austrian TV marketer IP Austria we produced an explainer about their new service.

Sarg, Marke Eigenbau

Addendum: Selfmade coffins

We did the post production of a documentary about burials for the online research platform Addendum. You can watch the film here: Sarg, Marke Eigenbau

Kurier Magazin

Kurier Magazine

We regularly produce TV spots for the various special magazines of the Austrian daily newspaper Kurier.

Fußball & Business

Football & Business

Several videos about the advantages of the Business Club were produced for Rapid Vienna. In addition to the long version which can be seen here, there were also several cut downs.

Rapid TV Signation

Rapid TV Opener

We created the opener for Rapid Vienna’s online video platform.

Across Borders

Across Borders

For the archaeological project AcrossBorders (Across ancient borders and cultures: An Egyptian microcosm in Sudan during the 2nd millennium BC) we produced a short film from existing videos and photos together with animations.

IP Austria MASTER.mp4_20210304_144719.743

IP Austria

We created an image film about the IP Austria range of services.

Addendum Projekt #14 Feminismus

Addendum: Feminism

hertha produziert was responsible for animations of well-known works of art for this project. Click here for the project!


BetSnap: The Movie

We created a commercial for an app to place sport bets.

Leadersnet TV Sendungsverpackung

Leadersnet TV

hertha produziert designed the graphic packaging for the Leadersnet TV video clips.

Sozialakademie Infofilm


We created an Explainer about the Social Academy course of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour.

Rivalo Omni-Channel Explainer

Rivalo Omni

An explainer about the advantages of Rivalo Omni, a betting provider system.

Langnese Kinospot Fuck Ju Göhte 3

Langnese cinema spot Fuck Ju Göhte 3

On the launch of the feature film Fuck Ju Göhte 3, an animated cinema spot was created for the agency Since Today and its client Langnese.

DER-CON – Nicht mit mir!

DER-CON – Nicht mit mir!

hertha produziert supported the artist DER-CON with the postproduction of his new music video about the political landscape in Austria.

Neue Busse für Wien

New buses for Vienna

An animated film about their bus fleet was produced for the Vienna Transport Authority. In addition, a model for 3D printing was created, as well as high-resolution still images for printing applications.

druck.at EBA film

The European Business Award is presented each year to outstanding companies in various sectors. We produced the application video for 2017 for the industry leader in online printing in Austria.

SK Rapid Business Club

SK Rapid Business Club

For the business club of the football club SK Rapid we produced an image film which presents all services of the business packages. Further information under skrapid.at/business.

Heinz aus Wien – Die ganze Welt

Heinz aus Wien – Die ganze Welt

hertha produziert was responsible for the post production of the already third video in a row by Heinz aus Wien. Directed by Michael Maly D.o.P.: Benjamin Paya

emosan TV Spot


We produced three different TV commercials for Emosan, a manufacturer of thermal underwear and bandages.


Constantia Flexible Interactive Packaging

We created a film about the advantages and possibilities of interactive packaging from Constantia Flexible.

Tipico Cash Out + Wett-Flat FINAL 02.mxf_20210301_163343.897

Tipico betting flat

S+B Wohnbau Spot Viennale

S+B Wohnbau commercial Viennale

Agency: M’Caps

ÖGB Verlag “Dein Betriebsrat”

ÖGB Verlag “Dein Betriebsrat”

We produced a series of explainers for the ÖGB (Austrian Confederation of Trade Unions) publishing house that explain the rights and duties of employees and works councils.

U1 Erstbefahrung

U1 first ascent

For the Wiener Linien, hertha produced a short reportage about the first ascent of the new U1 stations up to Oberlaa.

Nickelodeon Hasbro Adventkalender 2016

Nickelodeon Hasbro advent calendar

Heinz aus Wien – Mach die Augen auf

Heinz aus Wien – Mach die Augen auf

Directed by Michi Maly.D.o.P.: Benny Paya.

RB Twist Silver.mp4_20210301_164622.874

Red Bull Twist

For the Viennese agency Since Today we produced 5 different videos about the preparation of mixed drinks with the Red Bull Special Edition.


Das Bundesheer

The Austrian Armed Forces will be strengthened and restructured. In this explainer we explain how and why.

FM4 Unlimited 2016

FM4 Unlimited

Hertha produced a tv commercial for the FM4 Unlimited 2016 music festival.

SK Rapid “Vereint unter unserem Wappen “

SK Rapid “Vereint unter unserem Wappen”

Produced for SK Rapid based on an idea by Stefan Kjaer as a call to become a member of SK Rapid. Concept, script, casting and direction: Stefan Kjaer/ARGE MITGLIED & Daniel Budka/hertha produziert Camera: Benjamin Paya Assistance: Eva Mittermüller

Wiener Linien am Donauinselfest 2016

Vienna public transport at Donauinselfest 2016

Heinz aus Wien mit Toni Polster – Das neue Wunderteam

Heinz aus Wien mit Toni Polster – Das neue Wunderteam

hertha produziert was responsible for the entire postproduction of the new video for Heinz aus Wien with Toni Polster. The song is meant to get all of Austria in the mood for the European Football Championship.



For an international research project, a test run was simulated and a documentation was produced. This video is a short version of the original video.

IMI TA Modulator product film

IMI TA Modulator

For the agency Havas and their client IMI a cooperate video for a new product was created.

Saeco TVC


For the agency Since Today, hertha produziert was responsible for editing, retouching and finishing the new TV commercial for Saeco Incanto.  The spot, for which Harald Staudach was director and D.o.P, the sound mixing was done by Cosmix and the grading was done by David Hughes at 61, was aired on German television.

ÖÄMTC – Marcus

ÖAMTC – Marcus 2015

For the Marcus Award 2015 of the automobile organization ÖAMTC we created a series of videos for visual support.

Daikin Eiskalt

Daikin Eiskalt

Race TV Patronanz

Race Energydrink

Program sponsoring for Race Energydrink.

Wiener Linien – Rücksicht hat Vorrang 3

Wiener Linien – Rücksicht hat Vorrang

We created three humorous films about behaving considerately in the Vienna public transport.

Yakult Plus Vitmain C

Yakult Plus Vitmain C

hertha produced a TV commercial for the new Yakult drink.

Mimo Zahnputzmonster

Mimo Zahnputzmonster

Hertha produced a TV commercial for the children’s toothbrush Mimo.

Zattoo Recall

Zattoo TV commercial

Nestle Bübchen

Nestle Bübchen

Hertha produced a TV commercial for the children’s shower gel Bübchen Kids.


Magnum Infinity

hertha produziert was responsible for the entire production of the commercial together with the agency Brandfan. Camera and direction: Harald Staudach

Volksbank T-Shirts

Volksbank T-Shirts

A commercial promoting a competition of Volksbank and Viva.

Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien Imagefilm

Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien

Together with Herwig Steiner we produced an corporate film about the library of the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Kreisky – Vandalen

Kreisky – Vandalen

A music video for the Band ‘Kreisky’. Directed by Herwig Steiner & Daniel Budka